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if you love to play MSN Free Online Games then Here are Top 11 Games Available.


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1.Microsoft Bubble (Action & Arcade)

A New Type of Bubble Game

Microsoft Bubble is best MSN Free Online Games so Jump into bubble shooting fun with bright colors, breathtaking backgrounds & thrilling bubble action! Use skill & strategy to match three or more bubbles of the same color. Earn coins and add power-ups to solve tricky puzzles. Unlock NEW & exciting levels with unique objectives & majestic mountainsides. Beat all levels to unlock Marathon Mode and get ready for endless hours of thrilling bubble action! Aim the bubble shooter to get the perfect shot & put your expert skills to the test.

Ready. Aim. Pop! It’s time for Microsoft Bubble

Play Now Free Microsoft Bubble

3d MSN Free Online Games

2.3D Darts (Action & Arcade)

3D Dart is Best MSN Free Online Games

Bulls-eye!How many bulls-eyes will you get in this challenging version of the classic game?

Just Like The Pub.Step inside this virtual tavern, step up to the line, and see what happens when you toss your first dart.

Play With A Friend. Play against the computer opponent or play with a friend by taking turns; one after the other

Play Now Free 3D Darts

8 ball pool MSN Free Online Games

3.8 Ball Pool

8 ball. Corner pocket. 8 ball is the one MSN Free Online Games.
Calling all pool sharks! Enter the pool hall and put your skills to the test. If you’re a sharp shooter, you’ll clear the table in no time and show your opponent who the true champ is!

Aim your pool cue to clear the table of your assigned ball type – solid or stripe. Use the guidelines to help you along.

Use the meter to make sure you ball has enough power to make it to the pocket.

Game Instructions 4
If the other player scratches, position the cue ball to have your best chance at pocketing a ball.

Play Now Free 8 Ball Pool

Bejeweled MSN Free Online Games


Bejeweled is the one MSN Free Online Games

Link many chains of identical sparkling jewels — move fast or lose this precious game!
The goal is to make lines, horizontally or vertically, of three or more matching gems. Swap two adjacent pieces, and if you make a line of three or more pieces, it will disappear and new pieces will fall onto the board. The more matches you make, the higher your score. Ready for more of a challenge? Try the Time-Trial advanced and expert modes.

Play Now Free Bejeweled



Bloons is the one MSN Free Online Games

You are a balloon-popping monkey!
What’s more satisfying than popping balloons? Try 50 levels of balloon-popping fun as a dart-wielding monkey! Strategically aim, shoot, and pop your way through balloon configurations and obstacles.

Play Now Free Bloons

Bouncing Balls MSN Free Online Games

6.Bouncing Balls

Ready, Aim, Bounce!  Bouncing Balls is the one MSN Free Online Games.
Match-3 gameplay has never been more colorful. Launch your colored ball into the playfield to match up with at least two other similarly colored balls and make them disappear. Hurry because you’ll need to clear the entire field in order to get to the next level.

Ready for Launch
Bouncing Balls is simple and addictive. You control the ball launcher with your mouse. Move it around to set the shooting direction, then fire!

Play Now Free Bouncing Balls

Bubble Dragons

7. Bubble Dragons

Bubble Dragons is the one MSN Free Online Games.

Hatch the Eggs
Hatch and help dragons in the best new bubble shooter game. Pop bubbles by matching three or more of the same color.

Plus, unlock boosts, and shoot at special items to activate their powers!

Your goal is to crack the egg and hatch the baby dragons – but first you must pop the bubbles surrounding it!

Use your mouse to angle the shooter for a direct hit. Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color and watch them reveal the hidden treasure! Some levels have additional missions – so pay attention!

Play Now Free Bubble Dragons

Candy Bubble

8. Candy Bubble

Candy Bubble is the one MSN Free Online Games.

The Story:
Candy Bubble is a fun lollipop-based bubble shooter game.

Colorful Fun:
Don’t be fooled though; the game is as challenging as it is colorful!

Match 3:
Have fun with this new HTML5 game, which contains 1000 levels. Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them disappear

Bonus Points:
Bounce balls against the walls to reach difficult areas. You will get bonus points for every bubble you don’t use for each level.

Play Now Free Candy Bubble



Clusterz is the one MSN Free Online Games

Points are popping!
Burst bubbles before too many of them pop in! Shoot a bubble from the bottom of the screen, and match its color with at least two other bubbles of the same color, to pop all the same-colored connected bubbles. If you don’t match ’em, more bubbles appear!

Pop bubbles by matching three or more bubbles. Aim your cursor where you want your bubble to go then click your left mouse button to launch it.

Richochet bubbles off the side and top of the board. If you shoot a bubble and don’t match a color, more bubbles will be created to form a cluster. Black bubbles cannot be popped.

Match and pop all of the colors on the board and the black bubbles will pop automatically, opening the next level. But if the board fills with bubbles, you lose!

Play Now Free Clusterz!

10.Eggz Blast

If you want to win this game, you have to break a few eggs! Eggz Blast is the one MSN Free Online Games
In this even faster-paced smash-fest, you’ve got 90 seconds to clear as many levels as possible by hurling colored eggs and trying to reach the back board of the chicken coop. So blast some eggs and rule the roost!

Clear a path to the back board. Use your mouse to aim and fire different colored eggs – match three eggs of the same color to smash through them. Or, aim bombs to remove large sections of eggs in a single shot.

Launch eggs directly or bounce them off the walls of the coop for trick shots. You can also get a preview of your next egg at the direct right of the launcher.

Once the back board is in your site, aim and fire an egg to end the round wave and advance to the next level.

Play Now Free Eggz Blast

Find Cats

11. Find Cats

Hidden Object Game
If you like games with animals, especially cats, then this fun hidden object game is a must. The goal is clear, find the cat among color spots and outlines of other hidden little things.

You are free to use the hint button anytime, but these finds won’t count to your final score. While every level is cluttered with birds and animals, you can still develop your own strategy as you play.

For example, focus to spot all of the hidden animals of the same color at once. Or start from the center and widen your search in the game window.

High Score
Whatever method you choose, try to beat your personal record or compete with your friends to see who can concentrate long enough to get the high score in this family-friendly clicking game.

Play Now Free Find Cats


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