13 Best eBook Torrent Sites to download Books for Free (2020)

if you want to download ebook torrent then this post is for you. Even in the present digital 21st century age, books haven’t lost their significance, and they stay a reliable supply of information.

But, it’s not feasible to always take our favourite novels about.

Luckily, with the simple accessibility of many different internet content today, the web has developed into a superb supply of contemporary publications in softcopy.

Now you can download free online using eBook torrent sites, and they may also be found from paid sites.

Now’s bookworms are now able to carry infinite eBook collections in their telephones.

In addition, for men and women who do not wish to invest too much cash on buying eBooks, we strongly recommend that you select free ebook torrenting sites.

Which will be the best eBook torrent sites you ask?

1. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents

The Kickass Torrent domain name is very like The Pirate Bay because the Kickass Torrent brand can be renowned as one of the best eBook torrent sites.

Downloading torrents through this internet portal is straightforward nevertheless if that torrent site is inaccessible, you will find additional proxy websites you may utilize.

2. Wikibooks.org



Introducing Wikibooks, among those pioneer eBook torrent sites.

This famous torrent website for novels has a huge e-book collection accessible in English, Portuguese, Deutsch, Hindi, Italian, along with five additional languages.

The Wikibooks website includes a fresh User-Interface and hunting to your favorite eBook is a simple procedure.

To obtain eBook torrents out of Wikibooks, select your favorite language, and then try to find the eBook name.

3. Torrentz


This textbook torrent website is also an internet database for film and anime torrents.

The Torrentz platform is established in Finland and has been among the most visited torrent websites in 2014 and 2015.

It’s also among the best eBook torrent sites offering access to trending torrents, in addition to those which are no longer common.

Its immense gallery comprises scores of eBook torrents that excited readers may get anytime, anyplace.

It supplies you with a simple and secure digital surrounding with a huge database of eBook torrents for subscribers to choose from.

4. ExtraTorrent


Introducing one of the very popular eBook torrent sites available online at the moment.

The ExtraTorrent system is ranked as the best torrent site for eBooks which may be retrieved from several nations.

ExtraTorrent users may even download free eBooks together with all the essential torrent details like seeds, peers, and accessible dimensions, within one document.

Simply select your favorite eBook class for studying online or get the torrent totally free of charge.

5. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

This is possibly among the best eBook torrent sites of all time!

TPB torrent site was made in 2003, and though it has witnessed plenty of ups and downs, it stays in operation to this day.

Though this unethical web portal was sanctioned repeatedly from the authorities, it hasn’t prevented this digital giant out of conducting.

The Pirate Bay works via several proxy websites, which users may access whenever the key site is inaccessible.

6. 1337X


At 1337X.

In 1337X, users can upload and discuss all sorts of eBooks.

It has an innovative User-Interface that permits users to look for eBook torrents to download using their magnet connections.

Aside from eBooks, 1337X also lets you download movies, games, TV series, music, audio, documentaries, programs, and much more.

7. Free-Ebooks.net


Introducing Free-eBooks. Internet, among the most trustworthy eBook torrenting sites.

The eBooks below are only available in PDF document format.

In addition, the web site will display the quantity and dimensions of each eBook downloaded through this stage.

You’ll have to make an account before you are able to download free eBooks from using this website.

8. RARBG.to


Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the internet portal; it might appear old, but Rarbg is ranked one of the best eBook torrent sites in 2019; additionally, it works quite nicely.

Using its user-friendly interface, this stage has many users.

It’s also home to a huge array of TV shows, films, games, programs, and audio torrents; therefore, it attracts lots of users daily.

Though Rarbg may not have a massive group of TV shows and films, the site is possibly the best torrent site for eBooks because it features the best and latest eBook torrents out there.

The proliferation of free ads can look to be an issue in the beginning, but you can become accustomed to this.

9. Torlock



The Torlock domain name is just another reliable torrent textbooks site which comes with a neat and simple User-Interface.

Exactly like 1337X.

In any case, Torlock is known as one of very few eBook torrent sites which provide confirmed torrents only.

Looking for your favorite eBook and downloading it’s a simple procedure.

The only drawback here is that the continuous advertisements that may annoy several users.

10. Limetorrents

Limetorrents ebook torrent

The LimeTorrents domain name is unquestionably one of the eBook torrent sites worth attempting in 2019.

Pay a visit to this internet portal, and you’ll see numerous magnet connections for downloading your favorite torrents from varied places.

You are able to pick eBook Torrents from the homepage or in the eBook categories shown there.

LimeTorrents is basically a public directory for downloading all sorts of torrents, such as eBook torrents, with the usage of its own one-click download attribute.

11. ManyBooks

ManyBooks ebook torrent


This is still another illustration of high-quality eBook torrent sites to utilize in 2019.

As the title of the torrent textbooks site suggests it consists of many eBooks for consumers to download and read.

Apart from eBooks, in addition, there are other sorts of torrents available for you. They include TV series torrents, movie torrents, and arcade torrents.

Users of the straightforward and easy-to-use internet portal can detect several eBook names by simply looking for them.

You may opt to discuss your work through this platform to improve your profile a little. The Manybooks domain name is the best eBook torrent site for you!

Though it’s basically a eBook torrenting platform, you may even publish your writing samples and have them examined here.


EBOOKEE-ebook torrent


Read its broad number of eBook classes to find your favourite eBook torrent names which you could download from various links.

With a couple of pop-up advertisements, this site provides a secure path to downloading free ebooks torrents.

13. Books-Share

Books-Share-ebook torrent


Presenting the Book-share domainname; among the best eBook torrent sites existing today.

This torrent textbooks site can reveal the amount of webpages, the terminology, and provide an in-depth description of every eBook in its own collection.

The neat and simple User-Interface of this Book-share site makes it effortless for you to navigate and download your favorite eBooks.

Notice, however, you have to make an account before you can download some eBooks.


That is it for our curated collection of high ebook torrenting sites in 2020 that you test.

Stop by one of these sites to find nearly all eBooks ever published on the planet.

Learn more about the Book segments and see the provided links to find and download your favourite eBook titles.

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