What is Avast Passwords Manager – {Updated Guide} 2020

Avast Passwords Manager usually is the embedded instrument in avast antivirus. This instrument helps in managing and saving protected and sensitive information about your PC. With the usage of Avast Password manager, you can fill out the net types and access all sensitive information fast.

Avast Passwords Manager

But, all of the web browsers are armed with one or another password manager, all these password managers assist in saving the passwords and also the identity. However, they are not so protected that they can continue to keep your sensitive information safe from hackers’ attacks. Shifting to an avast password manager will surely serve your goal in this.

Avast Passwords Manager Features

The main important features that are made available by this avast password manager are as follows. These features enable you to track your passwords and other identity-related information. The reasons because of that avast is said to be a free password manager.

  • Autofill kinds and logins to save time.
  • Auto-capture passwords should you log to a brand new website.
  • Generate secure passwords for you.
  • Can overlook all passwords in one single click, so basically securing your information more sensitively
  • Publish your passwords from the browser.
  • Logins: allows you to store details to your internet accounts so that you can quickly fill login forms.
  • Safe Notes: allows you to keep your sensitive notes from Avast Passwords safely.
  • Additionally, you can configure a Master Password from Preferences to guard the information that you save in Avast Passwords.
  • Avast password generator is also a pleasant and helpful tool, as it assists you in creating secure passwords.

Is Avast Password Safe?

It’s said that Avast Passwords is way safer than your default browser password manager. Well stating the reason for, then it’s simply because of the idea that if you keep your password from the browser, then these passwords are saved in the device just. Thus they are more vulnerable to attacks and phishing. So your password information can easily be leaked.

Talking of Avast password managers, and contemplating is avast passwords safe, subsequently, avast saves your password using much more secure encryption. All of the passwords saved by avast password manager and encoded consequently can be deciphered only by the particular identification they have been saved upon.

PC Requirements for Avast Password Manager

Want to use Avast Password manager in your computer, well that’s not a task now, as it is supportable in MAC, Windows 7, 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 too. Nevertheless, you can check below whether your system falls in a particular category or not. Today you can also utilize the avast password manager in your mobile devices too.

  1. Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or higher (any variant, 32-bit or even 64-bit)
  2. Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or higher (any option except Starter, 32-bit or 64-bit)
  3. Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit)
  4. Mobile versions for Avast Passwords for Android (4.1 or higher),
  5. And iOS (8 or greater ).

How to Download and install Avast Passwords in Windows?

Step 1: first go to the official link to download the avast passwords.

avast passwords

Step 2: click on the download file and install the setup.

FAQs of Avast Passwords for Windows, Android, and iOS

Which browsers are well supported by Avast Passwords Manager?

I am well talking of this avast password service. Subsequently, Avast password is presently able to run in google chrome password manager, Mozilla Firefox, along with the pre-embedded from Avast Secure browser and Avast Safezone Browser. But, Avast password manager extensions are not valid from the Microsoft border or Internet Explorer.

How to install Avast Passwords manager in Google Chrome?

You can download and install Avast Password manager at no cost. If you are using Mozilla or Chrome browser, then you can find the free avast password manager extension installed in your browser extensions. Avast passwords chrome extension can be added via google shop or official avast site. Avast password expansion is free to use. You can purchase the premium varies depending upon your requirements.

Avast Passwords

You also receive the free Avast Password manager installed in the Avast Secure browser and avast safe zone browser. There’s also another way by which you can download any edition of avast antivirus. Make sure that you opt for the password manager installation even.

The basic Avast Passwords features are available with all variants of Avast Antivirus. For additional premium features, you can upgrade to Avast Ultimate or the paid version of Avast Passwords. Avast sign-in is nevertheless required to be able to get started using avast passwords. If you are utilizing the avast antivirus as a source in an avast password manager, then in case your avast antivirus is activated with avast activation codes. You are going to find the paid version to get avast passwords.

How to set Avast Passwords Manager?

You can easily configure avast passwords by following Measures:

  1. Open the Avast user interface and Choose Privacy
  2. Should you use Google Chrome, click on Activate in Google Chrome and follow the steps on your browser to install the Passwords extension.
  3. Return to the Passwords Displays in Avast Antivirus.
  4. Return to the Passwords displays in Avast Antivirus.
  5. After you activate the Password expansion, the passwords saved on your online browsers are automatically imported to Avast Passwords.
  6. If You Don’t have any passwords saved on your browsers.
  7. Click Add Manually (or Add Account) to supply the login details to your accounts.

How to use a paid avast password manager?

The paid version of this avast password manager has more procured features to safeguard your computer’s sensitive details. Along with the features that are present in the Avast free password manager, there’s More add-on as follows:

  • One-Touch Login: allows you to utilize your Android or iOS cellular device to access Avast Passwords installed on your Windows PC.
  • Password Guardian: informs you in the event that you have any weak, duplicated, or compromised passwords.

To upgrade to the paid version of Avast Passwords, start the Avast user interface and proceed to Protection Passwords. In the Passwords screen, click on the Password Guardian tab, then choose Buy Today.

To Be Able to upgrade the avast passwords into the paid versions, follow the steps below:

In the Passwords screen, click on the Password Guardian tab.

The way to personalize avast password manager configurations?

Open the Avast user interface and choose Privacy ▸ Passwords.

Click Settings at the top-right corner of this display.

Use the tabs at the left-side panel to adjust your own Avast Passwords settings.

The way to sync the avast password into another device?

  • For more information about Avast Passwords for cellular devices.
  • To enable synchronization from Avast Passwords in the present device:
  • Open the Avast user interface and choose Privacy Passwords.
  • Click on Settings on the top-right corner of this display.
  • Pick the Sync & backup tab in the left-side panel, then click Switch.
  • In case you haven’t already created a Master Password, you’ll be motivated to do so before continuing.
  • Create or log in to your Avast Account to enable synchronization.

Top 3 Avast Passwords Alternative 

Here is the best alternative list.


Dashlane is intuitive and accessible, bolstered by two-factor authentication and the ability to change numerous passwords spanning multiple websites with just a few clicks. The simple fact that Dashlane’s memory footprint gets smaller with each update is only a bonus, as is its ability to securely store middle notes. It even shares encrypted passwords with emergency contacts in case you have trouble with your account.


LastPass is an excellent password manager that provides free and premium (paid) features. As soon as you make a master password, then import all of the stored login credentials — usernames and passwords — from Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Safari. It then makes it possible to delete data from your personal computer to keep it stable, prompting one to do little more than recall your super-secure password.



Features packed into this fantastic password management tool comprise a reliable password generator, password and username storage, secure sharing, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It includes a built-in”watchtower” service made to notify you of continuing website breaches.

Shifting to an avast password manager will surely serve your goal in this. It said that Avast Passwords is way safer than your default browser password manager. All of the passwords saved by avast password manager and encoded consequently can be deciphered only by the particular identification they have been collected upon.

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